So, here’s the deal. We are not just getting started in a career in marketing, public relations or journalism and professional writing. We’ve been doing this for a really long time.

If there were any tips we would drop to people who are getting started in a new business near the top of the list would be these items:

  • When times get tight, and for many those times are right now, do NOT cut your sales and marketing team! Look for other ways to reduce, but to take away your front line sales force and your strategic research and communications arm is often a fatal blow. Instead, look at creative ways and honest ways to reduce. It may be cutting down inventory, slowing production since things aren’t selling. It may be a hard look at senior management compensation packages. But to cut off your ability to sell is the wrong solution.
  • Keep your website fresh! In days gone by you knew you had a customer because a bell rang when the door opened. Today, that bell is an analytic IPO address and the front merchandising counter is your website. A website is not your museum of “well we got that taken care of” projects. It should feel like you are paying attention, keeping it current and keeping it changed with your season.
  • Integrate your communications channels. It takes more than a logo to make it clear that your social media accounts belong with the rest of your communications. The SEO driving your messaging along with the look and feel – sound and tempo should make a one voice messaging to potential customers and returning clients.