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CSllc – A Company with a Purpose

CSllc was founded to assist in the education and promotion of environmental best practices in 2014 with a particular emphasis on stormwater management for cities and municipalities working toward compliance with EPA MS4 permitting requirements.
As its initial project, CSllc was retained to assist the City of Lebanon in Tennessee with a stormwater grant-funded training and demonstration site aimed at teaching everyone from homeowners and students to home builders and policymakers best practices for incorporating stormwater planning and devices into action on individual pieces of property. This demonstration site was created at the city’s fairgrounds.
Since its founding, CSllc has continued to provide direction and consultation for cities and municipalities and individual property owners on best practices and stormwater action steps that are compliant with MS4 permit requirements.
Don Green, LEED-AP, performs inspections of individual property sites, providing onsite guidance, regular reports for any remediation recommendations and provides the reports required by the appropriate city or municipality for MS4 permitting stipulations.

What’s Being Inspected?

Stormwater practices are often hiding in plain sight. They are the ponds that fill and drain during rain, the swales and berms that channel water. Sometimes they are low-lying vegetative areas.

The Stormwater Requirement

Protecting the streams and ultimately the drinking water, municipalities have enacted stormwater requirements. These laws are designed to reduce flooding and erosion and to protect areas from the impact of surrounding development runoff.

About Don Green


Don Green is a certified stormwater inspector with more than 30 years as a water quality specialist.

His work in Franklin and Chattanooga set the standards for stormwater inspections and compliance and have been used as a model by other Tennessee cities.

For more than 12 years he has worked with property owners and managers to complete the inspections required under some of the same regulations he created.

Green also serves as an Instructor for the National Stormwater Center, training people nationally to become stormwater inspectors and a Senior Partner at Connected Sustainability, LLC / CSllc. He is nationally certified as a LEED AP.


Don Green

615.308.1014    •.  [email protected]

212 Skyline Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

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Why Are Stormwater Inspections Important?

Stormwater practices designed by professionals and approved by municipalities address water quality in area streams and lakes and protect property owners and downstream neighbors from flooding.

The inspection and maintenance of stormwater control measures such as detention ponds and infiltration practices will ensure that these devices are functioning the way they were designed. Inspection and maintenance reports must be submitted annually to the municipality.