Selecting the Best Candidates

Once a job is posted, resumes and applications will follow. Deciding who will earn an interview and who may be a good fit for your business starts will a careful review of the paperwork that has been submitted. As you review these documents keep in mind that this is the best first impression that the applicant could draft.

Staffing expert, Laura Mazzullo of East Side Staffing in New York, was recently interviewed by Matt Krumrie of Zip Recruiters for tips about what to notice in an application or resume.



Check List for Evaluating a resume:

Spelling and Grammar – People generally write in the same way that they speak. Writing samples filled with typos and grammatical errors are likely to indicate people who will write for your company with the same sorts of mistakes.

Understandable Content – Look for the use of lots of jargon or complex terminology. Applicants should be able to talk about their experience in words that are easily understood.

Work History – Look for gaps in work experience that seem to have no reason and look for the length of time people stayed in their past positions. While today’s job market often creates short-term project based positions, in which people move frequently, you may want someone willing to stay for a longer commitment.

Experience – For a small business operation, you may find yourself in luck to find someone who in some ways appears to be over-experienced. This level of expertise or work experience may actually provide support beyond the immediate needs. You may also find someone who could grow into the work you eventually hope to have.

Experience is Experience – There is often extra value in selecting someone who brings experience from other industries. There are often skills or knowledge that can transfer to your business from people in other industries.