Eventbrite is a platform for marketing and ticketing for events. The site allows users to browse events by categories, geographic regions, etc., to find events of interest. Eventbrite is a free service providing your tickets are free.


Eventbrite Fees

Eventbrite allows you to use the platform free of charge to market and ticket free events. However, if you are collecting fees for your event the service charges a fee per ticket for any tickets sold by an organization or business. Eventbrite will collect payment from the ticketholder, deliver an online or printable ticket to the purchaser, provide you a database of attendees and will collect sales taxes on your behalf. A check for your ticket sales is mailed to you two weeks after your event ends.

There are many options for providing detailed descriptions and uploading photos to your event’s page on Eventbrite. The back end of the site is not hard to navigate and will remain in the system after your event has ended.