With 2.27 billion users, Facebook can be a powerful marketing or communications tool for small business. There is a Business Facebook page that is similar to but has more features than a personal page. To create a Business page you must first have a personal page from which to launch. You will be able to follow the onscreen setup instructions to create your Business page.

You will need only to have contact information, a short description of the business, cover photos and a profile picture (just like your personal page). From there you will be immediately able to create posts.



Facebook for Business is NOT a Personal Page

The Business Page offers extra features. You will be able to create events, special sales or offers, ads and even set up a shop. One of the other handy features is the ability to schedule posts.



Best Practices for Facebook

Facebook is a 24 / 7 opportunity. Messenger allows your customers to ask to chat with you whenever the mood strikes. You too must be able to respond within a reasonable amount of time. While you can establish an auto-reply, for the really off hours, you will need to reach back to your customers as quickly as possible.

Everyone knows that you want to sell something, but your Facebook posts should offer more than just sales. Plan to educate and communicate within your professional world as well as sell a product. Use posts to link back to your website or blogs in order to provide more information. Do not use your business page for personal information! Resist putting photos of your children – no matter how cute – unless they have some business purpose (eg., they are modeling the children’s clothing you are selling).



Have Fun with Facebook

  • Post videos in addition to your static posts.
  • Consider Facebook ads, contests and giveaways. Watch the Facebook rules for these, but it can be an avenue for drawing more business!
  • Consider sharing good news from you company and congratulating and linking to the Facebook pages of your vendors or customers.
  • Analytics
  • Keep track of your successes and learn to adjust your content by watching your Facebook Insights. This is a helpful trove of data about the audience you are currently reaching and how you might be seen by more.