Finding the right people to work with you is one of the most difficult and costly decisions you will make. Remember that time is your most valuable resource and it will take time to search for someone and then train them. If they are an unsuccessful fit for your business, you will find yourself starting over with the process sooner than you had hoped. There is a real cost associated with making a hiring mistake.

There are a growing number of online tools to help collect resumes and applications for your jobs. Each requires time from you to set up an online account, submit all the information about your business and the job listing and then deal with incoming applicants and then closing the listing when it is filled. Most sites charge businesses to list the position(s) and applicants are not charged to search and apply for jobs.



Popular sites include 



Don’t Forget Some Good Places to Post

You may also want to contact the Career Center(s) at local colleges or schools, post to job boards at places like banks, attend job fairs in the local area and even post classified ads in local papers.



Other Strategies for Staffing

Temp Services – Temporary Services placements may be a strategy for a short-term solution to getting some help during busy periods or while you are recruiting for permanent staff. In some cases, after training and getting to know a temporary staffer, you may be able to transition that person into a full-time position. Many Temp agencies have temp-to-hire programs which can allow you to test people before hiring them permanently.

Head Hunters – Head Hunters are a possibility for businesses that can afford to hire their services or may be cost-beneficial if you are searching for someone with highly specific qualifications or training.