With about 2.77 billion world-wide users, LinkedIn is the Business to Business serious Social Media platform. It excels in linking business with professionals in their industry and businesses to businesses for networking and potential sales leads. 91% of LinkedIn users report that they use the content people post on the platform to educate themselves and to learn about industry trends. Surprising stats about marketing on Linkedin.



Linkedin is the Serious Social Media

First and foremost, unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional platform for serious business contacts. Therefore, you should pay very close attention to your photo choices and have a tightly written business description. You should prominently use your logo to help people know they are on the right page. Integrate keywords into your description so that people looking for businesses like yours’ will find you. Make your recommendations section robust. Ask your customers to write a LinkedIn recommendation with a short description of why they rated you as they did. Make sure that you list your actual products on you LinkedIn page.



Don’t Sell on Linkedin

Once your Page descriptions are set up, you will need to create posts. LinkedIn works best when your posts are educational or provide data along with graphics that are engaging and relevant to your topic. Resist making your LinkedIn platform an effort to direct sell product. Instead use the LinkedIn to teach people about your business/industry.



Reach Out to People

When you have posts, it is time to search for people with whom to “link”. Look for industry influences and leaders in your business arena. These are people who YOU want to link YOUR business LinkedIn account. Those industry leaders have followers who will now be able to find your LinkedIn page to follow you. Look for the business pages for your suppliers. Find your own customers who may be willing to write honest endorsements for your page.

Post relevant and interesting material on your page regularly so that it remains engaging and robust.