Many social media platforms allow customers or interested people to provide a review or comment about their experience. Like in all parts of life, people tend to take the time to review something because they had an extreme experience -either very good or really terrible. It is very important that you respond publicly to each review. Thank people for their kind comments right away and respond to the people who criticized you in a direct but not confrontational way on the public forum.



Respond to your reviews

You can start by saying something like, “Thank you for taking the time to review our business. We work hard to make the best experience we can for each customer. Your concerns are noted and will be taken into account as we strive to improve our service. I hope that you will try us again.”



Don’t be defensive

The point is not to be defensive. To acknowledge that they were not entirely delighted. Assume that something went wrong or they would be happier about what happened with their experience and answer positively. Look for real and constructive criticism in the review that will actually help you to improve and grow.



Watch for messages

Most sites offer a way to private message your reviewer. Sometimes in your public comment it is also helpful to invite them to contact you directly so that you have an opportunity to make things better. You can also consider providing them a way to contact you directly at their convenience to discuss the situation and find a good solution. The invitation to reach you directly communicates to people who browse the site that you are customer service oriented and anxious to provide a good product or service to your customers.