Pinterest Targets Milennials and Women

Pinterest, with its 320 million monthly users, is the way to reach Millennials and women. The site attracts half of all United States Millennials and 68% of women 25-58 years old. While it remains largely female, 40% of the new accounts are men. What is important to keep in mind is the fully 93% of Pinterest users report that they have used the site to plan purchases.



You will use photos and videos with links to original sources

Posts on Pinterest are called Pins. These are photos or videos that contain a link back to the original source of the material. Creating a warm photo of your product with a link to your website where people could buy one is how you want to think about getting started on this platform. Pinners, as Pinterest users are called, collect Pins that interest them and organize their pins into boards or collections. If your Pinterest feed is engaging the people pinning your information will follow you and your entire feed will show up on their Boards.



Brand your photos!

To set up a Pinterest account make certain that you join Pinterest as a Business. Create your Profile with as much information as you can along with branded photos. Save all your settings. Followers will be able to see your Profile by clicking on the red thumb tack. Be sure to include your website url in your settings. Create engaging boards. Make sure to use keywords to make your information easy to search.

Start Pinning.