1,435-page Family History Tells Story of America Through One Man



The History of Beverly Willard Family of Virginia and Tennessee chronicles 250 years of American history as told through the descendants of one man, Beverly Willard, who was born in the mid-1700s and lived in Virginia until his move to Middle Tennessee in the early 19th Century.

“Willard settled in the rural area of what is now Cannon County, Tenn., before 1803,” explained Willard descendant Danny Nichols, author and history enthusiast who compiled, edited and created the narrative for the 1,435-page book. “It is more than the story of an individual, it is the story of a new country through revolution, westward expansion, civil war, industrial development, depression, disasters and the advent of technology. It is an American story of frontiersmen, farmers, patriots, moonshiners and preachers.”
Five years in the making, the publication is the collaborative effort of 50 contributors, crossing 13 generations and containing the names of more than 8,000 of Willard’s descendants. However, Nichols assures that the book is far more than traditional genealogical offerings, calling it “a true-to-life adventure,” supported by more than 200 pages of vintage photographs and hundreds of documents, letters, bible records, personal stories and newspaper accounts.

The History of the Beverly Willard Family of Virginia and Tennessee is being presented on DVD in two volumes in the .pdf format readable by all computers and mobile devices. It may be purchased for $50 per DVD. Orders are filled upon receipt of check or money order mailed to Danny Nichols, 180 Rose Hill Cemetery Road, Pulaski, Tennessee 38478.
“The purchaser may view the DVD on a computer, choose to print the publication on a home printer or take the camera-ready files to a professional printer for creation of a book,” Nichols said, adding that 14 different covers were designed to offer choices in personalizing final printed edition.

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