There are certain characteristics that define an Entrepreneur. They are inherent traits of a world view that many believe cannot be taught or learned. Most believe that you simply are one or you are not. For those fortunate to be in business with one – or in a family with one, understanding what makes your Entrepreneur tick goes a long way toward unlocking the creative mover and shaker in your midst.



There is no doubt that Entrepreneurs are a special type of people

Entrepreneurs are the Dreamers. Yet with the dream is a strong vision of direction. They generally have charted a path and will stay on it until something forces them to alter directions.



They are the Risk Takers

Entrepreneurs are starting businesses from scratch. That means that they are not afraid to go “all in” on their vision. With great risk can come great rewards. When the risk pays off, it will be the Entrepreneur who reaps the rewards.



Entrepreneurs are quick learners


Entrepreneurs read widely. They engage with people who can challenge them with new data or challenge their way of work. They view new information to improve what they are doing.

They have a broad view of the world around them. The Entrepreneur sees places where change is needed and where their business ideas can plug in. They can see complex systems and visualize the components to help define where their business can fit.

They are the people who view their work as an all-consuming lifestyle. In The Devil Wears Prada, as Nate Cooper breaks up with Andy over her job with Miranda, Nate Cooper: [as Andy takes a call from Miranda] “You know, in case you were wondering, the person whose calls you always take – that’s the relationship you’re in. I hope you two are very happy together.” Poor Nate, broke up with his entrepreneur.



Entrepreneurs are self-reliant

Entrepreneurs are not shy about work and they rarely have lots of minions to hand off projects. They are often the project managers, comptrollers, human resource directors, board of directors, and housekeeping all rolled into one person.



These are resilient

They are not afraid to fail but will always get back up and try again. While they have a clear vision, Entrepreneurs are nimble and ready to improve their business in whatever ways they can to stay on track toward their ultimate goal.



Entrepreneurs are optimists

They see their cups as more than half full. While sometimes they are mistaken as being unrealistic, it is more often that people are unable to see the vision clearly to be able to understand the path they are pursuing.



Entrepreneurs are handy

As the Jack or Jill of all things, Entrepreneurs often lack time to communicate with the team supporting them. This leaves a trail of people who sometimes feel that they are scrambling to stay abreast of the plans.



It’s all about time

Time is the most valuable resource your Entrepreneur has. They eat and sleep with their vision and become frustrated when they are sidetracked by other projects that use their time inefficiently.



Fill in around the edges

Entrepreneurs seek to surround themselves with people who can contribute skills they do not have. They are people who tend to honesty understand their limitations and will actively seek help before wasting time guessing or trying to learn information someone else is better equipped to handle.




And, finally, your Entrepreneur is self-reliant and independent. They are perfectly able to carry on with their lifestyle business plan with or without help. But they are also outgoing and charismatic. If you are unable to keep up with your Entrepreneur, they will quickly draw in others.