In any given month there are about 326 million Twitter users. Setting up your Twitter Business Account is very similar to setting up your own. Follow the prompts.



You’ll Need to Select a Handle

Select a Twitter handle that is short and is as close to your business’ brand name as possible. Hashtags are what allow people to view your Tweets. It is best to use an analytic tool to help you find the right hashtags to find the right audience. Every Tweet should carry at least two hashtags. Here is a helpful free tool to search for hashtags:



Follow and Be Followed

Twitter will begin to suggest people for your business to follow. You can often speed that process up by following business leaders in your industry and then looking for their followers to follow as well. and can help you find industry leaders if you need some help. These sites charge for access to their databases. And you may not need help. It is easy to search for influences and industry leaders on Twitter.

Make your Tweets interesting using photos, graphics and links. Like with Facebook, resist the temptation to always be in sales mode and consider using polls, giveaways, etc., to gain more attention. You can also experiment with Twitter ads and you can hang on to important Tweets by pinning them to the top of your page.



Twitter Analytics Offer Lots of Information

Twitter analytics offers some insights into your audience. Hubspot offers a kit to enhance your ability to review your Twitter account.