VRBO is an online vacation rental booking site that allows people to attract business to a home or cabin vacation instead of a large hotel or resort. The set up for a VRBO account will require lots of photos of the home or cabin rental property and the interior of the building as well. There are fields that allow you to fully describe all of the amenities as well as suggesting things that vacationers may want to bring from home. It is important to be as detailed as possible.



Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Beyond being as complete as possible in listing the amenities, it is also important to watch your rental rates by comparing your property to others in the area. Respond quickly to those asking questions. Watch your calendar carefully to make sure that you are blocking dates that are booked outside of VRBO to avoid a double-booking error.



Watch Your Reviews

VRBO has options for providing reviews online. As with all reviews, respond to all of them. Thank those who leave a positive review and respond to those who leave terrible reviews in a positive way, without being defensive. Look for ways you can take the information from a bad review to make your business better. Thank even the terrible reviewer for staying with you and for the criticisms so that you can become better and that you hope they will return someday.