Yelp is a crowd-sourced platform for business listings. It functions similarly to an online phone book with names, addresses and phone numbers for businesses to help people find your business. However, the site also functions as a review space for people to write comments regarding their experiences with your business.



List it or Yelp will list you

Yelp will create an “unclaimed” listing for businesses as they identify them from a variety of lists and searches. The listing will contain whatever information they found by whatever means until you “claim your business” by setting up an account and taking over the management of the information listed. You will likely find incorrect hours, unanswered reviews and other data that has accumulated if you have not yet claimed your business. While you can not remove reviews, you are able to respond to them in an effort to turn a review into a customer. You are also able to ask customers who are delighted with your business to write reviews about their experience.



Best Practices for Yelp

Keep your information up to date

Make your business more searchable

Respond to reviews

Turn people who search into customers

Report abuses. Those may be removed by Yelp.